Bomba hidráulica de bancada

Modelo CPP1000-X e CPP1600-X


  • Simple pressure generation for laboratories, workshops or on site
  • For testing, adjusting and calibrating all types of pressure measuring instruments
  • Hydraulic pressure generation up to 1,600 bar

Special Features

  • Ergonomic handling via a smooth-running precision spindle within the pump body
  • Integrated oil reservoir
  • Removable star handle
  • Freely rotating test connections (meaning the instruments can be orientated as required)
  • Proven technology from the CPB5000 pressure balance

Bomba hidráulica de bancada CPP1000-X



Areas of application

Test pumps are used to generate pressure for testing, adjusting and calibrating mechanical and electronic pressure measuring instruments by means of comparison measurements. These pressure tests can be carried out in laboratories, workshops or on site at the measuring point.

The CPP1000-X and CPP1600-X comparison test pumps have been designed around a solid platform and, with the proven technology from the CPB5000 pressure balance, offer exceptional ease-of-use. With the integrated initial pressure pump and the 250 ml tank, large test volumes can also be easily filled and pre-compressed.

The two test connections on both pump models are equipped with quick-connectors with a knurled nut and interchangeable threaded adapters (G ½ female threads are standard). To calibrate instruments with different connection threads, appropriate threaded adapters are available (see accessories).


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